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Bulletin Board Service (BBS)

What is a BBS?

A Bulletin Board System, or BBS, is a computer system running software that allows users to connect and log in to the system using a terminal program. Once logged in, a user can perform functions such as uploading and downloading software and data, reading news and bulletins, and exchanging messages with other users, either through electronic mail or in public message boards. Many BBSes also offer on-line games, in which users can compete with each other, and BBSes with multiple phone lines often provide chat rooms, allowing users to interact with each other.  This was very popular in the 90’s where modems were the best way to connect and the Internet wasn’t so  hot for a regular computer user (cost too much and with modems it was very slow).

Prison Board BBS’s

My original bbs when I went full time on line is a Wildcat named the Prison Board BBS,  Since that time I have tried a number of bbs software and today I have settled on setting up a number of them using different bbs software. Today there are almost none in existence of dial up bbs, still very popular overseas, but here in the USA telnet is the way to go.  The number at the end is the port number the bbs is on.  If you know about telnet, then you will know about port number and input into your telnet software.  Recommened software to use are NetRunner and Syncterm. Both of these links are for Windows Operating Systems.  If you are a novice and want to download a telnet client but need help I will be glad to assist for free. PB Wildcat: wcalt.rdfig.net:2324                       Prisoners Game Server Lounge: PB Mystic:   pbmystic.rdfig.net:24                     telnet: gapbbs.rdfig.net PB PCB:      pbmystic.rdfig.net:1023                  rlogin: gapbbs.rdfig.net:3030 PB Sync:     wcalt.rdfig.netg:2424 PB GAP:     gapbbs.rdfig.net:4040 PB GT:       gapbbs.rdfig.net:2828 PB VADV:    rdfig.net:2812

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WildCat Prison BBS.