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RDFIG Computer Solutions is a Sole Proprietor entity

designed to assist residential, SOHO and small businesses in

meeting their computing and/or IT needs.

My name is Ruben Figueroa.  I have been into computers since made MS DOS v2.11 back in the 90’s  At first it was a genuine hobby and passion for me.  However, I was blesssed that I got the opportunity to create and head the first Computer Department for the Federal Priison in Seagoville, Texas.  I was head of Human Resources for a number of years when I was chosen to head that new department.  I was responsible for the management, direction, training etc. of all staff in learining new computing skills, learning word processing, database and presentation work.  I managed a Novell Netware network that consisted of over 20 buildings and 100 acres running on fiber optics between buildings.  I was the head of that department from 1990 to my retirement in 2001. In 2001 I started my little business and my home was my base of operation and it still is.  I have kept my expenses down and by doing so I can pass on much lower prices for labor on any computing needs that my customers need.